Our mission is to Enhance, Enable and Empower (3E) aerospace technology development, product development and manufacturing organisations. Our creative 3E philosophies, both digital and service orientated, establishes the capability for transformation within your organisation. The name AERONET of THINGS speaks to our vision of creating a connected network of Enhanced, Enabled and Empowered aerospace organisations.


As AoT CEO, Prinal Naidoo is responsible for managing overall operations and driving company strategy. His passion for aerospace technology led him down his academic path which includes a BSc in Aeronautical Engineering, a Masters in Space Studies and a PhD in Engineering.

He started his career in the Experimental Aerodynamics group at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (South Africa), before moving to the Aerospace Industry Support Initiative (AISI) as a Project Manager focusing on aerospace SMME and technology development.

While working at AISI, he started to identify and encounter the pitfalls that many SMMEs and start-ups in high technology industries are faced with. From there on he advanced his career to the Head of the Project Management Office at Newspace Systems.

By combining the knowledge and skills learnt through his diverse work experiences, Prinal founded Aeronet of Things to be able to Enhance, Enable and Empower the local aerospace industry. Prinal still dreams of becoming an astronaut one day, but for now he enjoys engaging with and educating youth on the ‘awesomeness’ of the aerospace world.


Jean-Pierre Guyeu

CEO Aerotechnic, South Africa

JP started his aviation career at age 18 in the French Navy where he studied and worked in the aviation division, as an aircraft mechanic. In 1981 he joined Airbus (Aerospatiale) Customer Product Support in Toulouse as part of the Technical Publication department (MPD). He resigned from Airbus in 1993, and founded Aerotechnic, located in South Africa. From 2000 onwards he started attending meditation classes to better understand the Anatomy of the Mind.

Joao Carlos Pina

Director Aerotechnic, South Africa

Born and bred in Africa, JC completed a Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Cape Town, and after 5 years in the Hydraulics Engineering and Manufacturing industries, identified a niche market to support the African Airlines with spare parts and services. Jointly with JP Guyeu, in 1994, Aerotechnic was established in South Africa to fulfil the identified need. Since then, in close co-operation with his partners, the Aerotechnic group of companies has established a global footprint.

Sanjeev Nookooloo

CEO Aerotechnic USA

Based in Florida USA, Sanjeev has over 30 years of experience in the aerospace industry, he is currently the CEO of Aerotechnic, USA. Prior to that, he was working as VP-Sales in the Washington DC metro area, USA. In Mauritius, Sanjeev was formerly the VP-Technical Services with a leasing company focusing on Aircraft Asset Management. He also served at Air Mauritius as Head of Procurement and Provisioning, Planning Engineer and Licensed Aircraft Engineer. Sanjeev graduated with his MBA, with best Dissertation Award in 2005.

Sebastien Gerard

CEO Harmony Aerospace, France

After having studied international sales in France, Sebastien joined a company involved in the hydraulic industry to develop the Asian market. Later, he joined the Aerotechnic group as commercial manager to handle the sales development of the Asian branch. After having spent many successful years in South East Asia, he got offered the opportunity to become a shareholder and is currently the CEO of Harmony Aerospace France which covers Europe, Northern Africa and CIS for the group.



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